Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Guru Slayer by Moses Isaac

Dear Fellow Internet Wealth Seeker,

You've been deceived and stabbed in the back for long enough...

"Ex Guru Blows Gasket And Reveals His Closely Guarded Blueprint To Fight Back Against An Industry That Has Lied, Cheated and Stolen From Your Very Pockets"

I'm sure you've seen it all before...

Thousands of email's promoting some latest software, business opportunity or market crazy software

How many times have you succumbed to the "marketing madness", invested your hard earned money and been left with nothing but a dry, bitter taste in your mouth as the "industry" bites you once again...

Unless YOU take action and makes changes, you are NEVER going to get out of this never ending cycle of Guru Suffocation...

…Times Have *REALLY* Changed And Many Of You Reading This Are Like Lambs To The Slaughter.."

I've been running an online business since 1998.

When I started back then, we had an industry that was safe, free and a pleasure to work in..

But then everything changed...

A surge of "Sharks" started invading the market place, claiming they were "marketing super stars" and selling the biggest piles of crap ever seen.

STEALING from people, raiding their bank accounts and laughing all the way to the bank.

The more I think about it, the sicker it makes me feel..

Maybe you were one of these "victims"...?

"It's Time To Take Action, Start Cleaning Up This Polluted Marketplace And Give YOU The Blueprint You Need Fight Back And Get Even"

If you've been looking for a way out, something that can show you a "step-by-step" blueprint, I now ask you to come closer.

For what you are about to learn are some of most secrets tactics that both I and my student's have been using with HUGE success "under the radar"..

You DON'T need to have tons of experience to get start making money with the "Guru Slayer" tactics

You don't need to have your own email list. (ln a major part of my system focuses on how to build a HUGE subscriber and customer list)

You won't need any expensive software to automate your business (in fact you can get started for $9.95 to use my main software tool

You don't need a huge advertising budget. I'll teach you how to start getting traffic for free, start making sales and then LEVERAGE your profits into paid advertising and gain Joint Venture Partners

You don't need to spend countless hours creating your own product. I'll teach you my personal "short cut" for getting in on the hot selling products even if you don't have any experience about that topic.

You don't need to understand about Search Engines and how to rank #1 in Google. (I'll even let you in on my secret that makes everyone else do the hard work for me)

"Introducing 'The Guru Slayer' Multi media course. The Step-By-Step Manual & Video Training Course That ANYONE Can Use to Systematically Sell Both Own Their Own And Affiliate Products With ZERO Previous Experience

What your about to learn will *FINALLY* give you what you need to succeed online.

Most people reading this have forked out on an expensive home study course, spent a fortune on the latest adsense software or been roped into some super expensive coaching plan at some point.

The problem is most people have gotten ZERO results with the above...

The Guru Slayer is sharp, crisp, no BS, hype guide that will be a TRUE breath of fresh air and promises to leave you blown away.

If your looking for another 900+ page manual that talks non stop "theory" then click off this page right now.

What is revealed in the "Guru Slayer" is brutal honesty, cutting edge (and often savage tactics) that will have YOU growing an online business faster than you ever dreamed possible.

"You Definitely Don't Need To Be A Big Name 'Guru'- This System Was Made To Give The 'Little Guy' The Upper Hand and Level The Playing Field..."

I've been making a full time living online since 1998...

In that time period I've only ever spoke at one Internet Marketing Seminar. Even though most people classify me as a "guru" it couldn't be further from the truth.

I hate the spotlight!

Personally, I like to "slip in un noticed", steal the guru's best ideas, refine them and tear away from the pack.

It might be considered sneaky, unordadox and even cruel but it's the reason I'm crushing everybody.

Are you ready for the most shocking secret...?

There are *TONS* more underground marketers making more money online than most of the Big Names you have heard ever off!

Answer this question honestly right now...

Do *YOU* want to....

A) Be an Internet Celebrity and run round the world speaking to "keep up appearances"


B) Never have to leave the comfort of your own home, drive around in your dream car, bank huge checks, take as many first class holidays as you wish and be able to provide your family with an incredible lifestyle?

Do You Want To Become A "Guru Slayer? Then Fight Back And Start Living the Lifestyle YOU Deserve

The Guru Slayer is a special document that will give YOU my 'step-by-step' blueprint to creating HUGE profit windfalls.

It doesn't matter if your a 'wet behind the ears' rookie or seasoned pro...

Everything I teach will result in REAL KILLER profits when you put these tactics to work.

Combine this incredible PDF guide with my interactive video tutorials and the online world can be at YOUR feet

Moses Isaac
Skype Id : moses1965